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Your say this to any or all that was on cluster, once the visitors led to the prosperity of the brand new party

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Your say this to any or all that was on cluster, once the visitors led to the prosperity of the brand new party

A day later: 24 hours later or perhaps the next time you meet the machine otherwise the website visitors regarding the supper party, you will want to say “Tak for sidst!”, which means “many thanks for the last time”.

P.S. I always notice it amusing, whenever immediately after an office people, as the folk concerns work whatever you tune in to into very first hours out-of discussion is actually “tak to own sidst” constant every single people strolling on office.

Almost every other Danish Decorum Tips

Top Clothes: At your workplace it’s always not uncommon so you’re able to dress casual. Most workplaces provides an informal however, clean clothes rules. Connections and you can caters to are not because common as in the united states or British. Actually at the parties, some body are located in everyday clothing. Always check for the servers/hostess if doubtful. Brush Shorts are appropriate clothing into the workplaces.

Meetings will always be lined up. Dropping in is actually poor decorum and you may frowned upon. You will often score a cool lobby. Punctuality try once again very important, so get on time otherwise call if defer. When fulfilling having business, small talk does occur but it’s usually temporary. Try to keep they brief otherwise stick to the head of the Danes. Specific Danes attempt to emulate almost every other societies in operation activities and you will may decide to create even more small-talk, an such like. once they end up being it’s part of your culture.

Becoming Individual: I’m not sure that is the correct travelling to which idea. Danes are not an easy task to get to know, therefore if individuals asks how you are doing, you need to only answer okay, a, an such like.. Read More

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